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Catholics for Ron Paul

August 27, 2012

Yes, I know Ron Paul is not getting the nomination and will not likely run again. However, this video raises important issues for Catholics to think about vis a vis who they vote for in future elections.

Should a good Catholic simply vote for the best Catholic politician?  While pro-life and family issues are fundamentally important to consider when voting, there is more to the world than just those issues.

In no way do I denegrate their utmost importance, no, but the broader context in which these issues have become problematic need to be addressed.  Ron Paul is the only politician who appears to understand that the tremendous growth of the American Federal government is the actual cause of so many social ills – abortion, endless foreign wars, inflation, poverty, crony capitalism, socialism, police state etc etc.  Consequently, it is counterproductive to vote in a ‘big-government’ conservative (Santorum, Romney, Ryan, Bush etc.) as they are propping up the same system which they purport to be against.

The only fix is to move attention and power away from the Federal level and back to the State level where it truly belong.

Ron Paul is the only man in Washington who understands this and Catholics ought to take note !

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