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Finally a Catholic Cardinal admits it !

August 29, 2012

The current Catholic ‘Mass’ was not intended by the Council

Thanks to Fr Z for posting this…

“His Eminence Walter Card. Brandmüller expressed himself about the Novus Ordo, aka “the Mass of Paul VI” and “the Ordinary Form”.   He says what we know is true but few people are willing to say openly: the Novus Ordo is NOT the Mass of the Council.   That is to say, the Council Fathers mandated a reform, but what we got was NOT the reform they mandated.” –  Fr. Z.

Cardinal Brandmueller:

I must emphasise that the form of the post-conciliar liturgy with all its distortions, is not attributable to the Council or to the Liturgy Constitution established during Vatican II which by the way has not really been implemented  even to this day. The indiscriminate removal of Latin and Gregorian Chants from liturgical celebrations and the erection of numerous altars were absolutely not acts prescribed by the Council.

Read the entire interview here, courtesy of Rorate Caeli blog.

The wholesale destruction of the Catholic liturgy is a major and direct cause of so many millions of Catholics leaving the Church into the arms of the modern secular world.  For Protestant readers this was no ‘triumph’ against the enemy; this greatly undermined the strongest  force upholding traditional Christian values.

No more clown masses…

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